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Printable Aardvark Mask

Aardvarks are interesting animals that live in Africa. They are a little bit like a mix between a pig and an anteater. They have a long snout like an anteater, but they also have big ears like a pig.

Aardvarks are very good at digging. They use their strong front legs and sharp claws to dig holes in the ground. They are so good at digging that they can make a hole big enough to hide in!

Aardvarks are mostly active at night, which means they sleep during the day and come out to look for food at night.

Aardvarks eat ants and termites, which they find by using their long snout to sniff around in the ground. They use their long, sticky tongue to catch the ants and termites. Aardvarks can eat up to 50,000 ants and termites in one night!

Aardvarks are also very good at protecting themselves. If they feel threatened, they can use their powerful legs to dig a hole in the ground very quickly and hide inside. They can also use their sharp claws to defend themselves if they need to.

Aardvarks are fascinating animals that are great at digging, eating ants and termites, and protecting themselves. They are a unique and important part of the African ecosystem, and we should work to protect them and their habitats.

Printable Aardvark Mask