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Oops... I broke the internet - well my little bit of the internet!

Oh, dear! While changing my website to make it a bit more with the times, (it's basically been the same since 2015) I've only gone and messed it up and lost everything.

Over a hundred pages which helped bring in some traffic from search results. So now all my search engine rankings for search terms like 'printable animal masks', 'printable cow mask' and so on are gone. Ouch!

So if you're reading this you're in a very exclusive club of just me and you that are here, ha!

I've now got to do a post for each and every one of the animal masks and hope that the search engines will find me again. Otherwise, it's just me and you :)

Anyways here's the first one. Coming in at the top of the alphabet it's Mr Aardvark!

Printable Aardvark Mask