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What file format do the masks come in?

They all come in a ZIP file which once downloaded and clicked will open up a folder with all the PDF's in (which is the standard file format and will print out from any device).

All the masks are in alphabetical order making it really easy to find the mask you're looking for. You can save them on your phone for masks on the go and simply print them straight to a connected printer.

How big are the masks?

All the masks fit on American letter size or A4 paper. When you're printing out, select fit to page so as not to crop any of the mask off. If you have got a larger printer though, you can scale the masks up bigger as they're saved in high resolution and you won't lose any detail. Or you can print them out smaller for other uses such as headbands, or even cupcake decorations.

Is there a limit to the number of masks I can print out?

Nope, you can print as many as you need for as long as you like.

Why can't I purchase them in my local currency?

The price of the masks is in US Dollars but will convert to your local currency when you checkout. You won't have to pay any extra fees as it's all sorted out by the payment provider. If you live in the EU your local VAT rate will be automatically added before you checkout.